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Keeping Your Identity Private

on November 27, 2015

I am very proud of my students!  They have been working very hard over these last few months of school.  I am very impressed with the progress that everyone has made in their blogging skills and understanding different digital citizenship concepts.  This week we talked about staying safe online and the importance of protecting our identity by keeping it private.  Students reflected on the question-What kinds of information should I keep to myself when I use the Internet?

As a class we discussed different reasons why it is important not to share our personal information with people we do not know in person and online.  We also talked about what to do when you play a game online and when the game asks you to create a username.  We reflected on previous lessons that explored safety and remember that they need to talk to an adult when a game or website asks for personal information or if you are having a problem online.  Students decided that personal information is your: name, age, phone number, and address.  Together we explored the difference between a good username and a username that gives out too much personal information.  After brainstorming students were able to create usernames that they could use to protect their identity and stay safe online! Check out their ideas below!

post 1 post 2 post 3 post 4 post 5 post 6 post 7 post 8 post 9 post 10 post 11 post 12 post 13 post 14

Also make sure you have a look at each student’s individual blogs. Lots of students had time to blog about how to stay safe and about keeping your identity private!

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